Dr Ruth Friskney: Public Understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation

Dr. Ruth Friskney is a Research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, currently working on a European funded project focused on children affected by domestic abuse called Improving Justice in Child Contact. She's also a Trustee of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. In this conversation, we talked about her study with Barnardo's looking at public attitudes to child sexual exploitation in Scotland. She explained what child sexual exploitation is, what the study found the public's understanding of it was, some common misconceptions about it, and other related themes. Research discussed: https://www.barnardos.org.uk/barnardo_s_scotland_-_public_understanding_of_cse_in_scotland_2019.pdf Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre's creative writing anthology by survivors who have used their service: https://www.ercc.scot/rising-free/ Improving Justice in Child Contact (IJCC) webpage and blogs: www.ed.ac.uk/education/ijcc https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/ijcc/ Yello!’s (IJCC young expert advisers’) submission to the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament on the Children (Scotland) Bill https://www.parliament.scot/S5_JusticeCommittee/Inquiries/JS519CH21_Yello.pdf