Dr Stephen Burrell: Engaging Men in Preventing Men's Violence Against Women

Dr Stephen Burrell is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Sociology at Durham University. He completed his PhD on engaging men and boys in the prevention of men's violence against women in England in the Department of Sociology at Durham University in 2019. He is now undertaking an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department. This is building on his PhD research by exploring opportunities for the business sector to contribute to preventing violence against women and encouraging men and boys to play a role in such efforts. In this conversation, we spoke about Stephen's work exploring the history of men's involvement with feminist movements focused at ending men's violence against women, the importance and risks of engaging men in these movements and what we can all do to challenge inequalities. Stephen also explained strategies of engaging men and boys better in movements aimed at preventing me's violence against women, pro-feminism and concepts such as the 'pedestal-effect'. Research Discussed: Burrell, S.R. (2020). Male agents of change and disassociating from the problem in the prevention of violence against women. In Masculine Power and Gender Equality: Masculinities as Change Agents. Luyt, R. & Starck, K. Cham: Springer. 35-54.