Dr Chloë Kennedy: Deceptive Sex

Dr Chloë Kennedy is a Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Edinburgh. Her main research interests are criminal law, legal theory, legal history, and the relationship between these areas. Her research also focuses on law and gender and law and religion. Chloë is undertaking an AHRC research leader fellowship on identity deception, focussing in particular on inducing intimacy. In this conversation, Chloë shared her research on deceptive sex, what it is, what forms it takes, debates around its criminalisation and the framework she has devised for its criminalisation. Research Discussed: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/legal-studies/article/abs/criminalising-deceptive-sex-sex-identity-and-recognition/7A5589286B535E30B88A9765A5844CFC